A general name for wealthy males or the male children of the Nuevo riche. It is a country club reference (that is to say, it began by watching people in country clubs). It can be used to describe: frat boys, rich politicians, company owners who inherited their company or country club goers.
White hats make millions off the labor of the poor.
by YesYes October 23, 2006
An asshole. A knee-jerk reactionary. A shaven simian among men. Easily identified by their penchant for wearing white, baseball-style hats, usually bearing logos of university sports teams or the New York Yankees. Often accesorizes with department store cologne and butter yellow polos. Can usually be spotted at frat parties, H&M, Hollister and trendy, meat-market nightclubs. While not every asshole is a white hat, every white hat is an asshole.
That white hat in the Acura just cut me off...AGAIN!!
by Gabe Fauber May 22, 2005
a male meathead usually also a chotch, who harasses males who aren't as masculine as him, usually calling them "faggot". He wears, by definition, a white hat, usually with a highly comedic slogan such as: Beavers, Cocks or T and A University.
Did you see that white hat getting his ass kicked by that tattooed guy? What a chotch!
by Holly Young October 03, 2007
In computer terms, one who compromises security systems for the greater beleif in some political stance. (See: Hacktivists)

White Hats are most of the time incredibly irate towards illegal pornography.
"I heard a White Hat hit a major Kiddy Porn hub."
by Mitch Incognito September 04, 2003
What you wear to the movies when you're going alone. A symbol that announces you are at the movies by yourself and would like conversation or company afterwards.

Started on PostSecret and spread to its own Blogsite.
I'm going solo to the movies, so I guess I'll wear my white hat.
by A. Davis December 09, 2006
A girl who you randomly meet and hook up with.
Dude, you totally just picked up a white hat!
by Zac Matt February 19, 2008
a young person with grey hair
Man, he's only 23 but he'll be wearing a white hat soon
by Z0rbs September 19, 2003
not a black sock.and not a t shirt
or a tie
people we should not be scared of.
by pureone September 19, 2004
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