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A general name for wealthy males or the male children of the Nuevo riche. It is a country club reference (that is to say, it began by watching people in country clubs). It can be used to describe: frat boys, rich politicians, company owners who inherited their company or country club goers.
White hats make millions off the labor of the poor.
by YesYes October 23, 2006
5 14
A good guy or hero of romanticised Old West stories.
by Antinous September 11, 2003
16 22
An interesting species most often associated with the common frat boy. He is most easily identified by his wearing of a white baseball cap with his college/favorite sports team embroidered on it. Behaviors most often noted are drunkenness, brawling, and ridicule of all things that are not like them and their kind.
Two white hats began fighting in the middle of the street, outside of the sports bar, after one of them had looked at the other one'd girl.
by Girl Friday January 22, 2004
83 90
In referance to a hacker - A hacker or even a cracker who uses his skills only in either legal or "friendly" activities.. or to trap/interupt the actions of script kiddies and other distructive activities.
The security analyst was a white hat.
by Jagged September 17, 2003
18 26
A security analyst or 'good guy hacker'. Uses various hacking methods to evaluate security systems.
The white hat performed a full port scan and analysis for our company.
by Addict September 10, 2003
13 21
A supervisor of a construction site. Where all the crafts wear a different color. This symbolizes importance.
Look busy, here comes another white hat.

White hat's coming, tie off before he says something
by Flanker September 04, 2003
8 16
An enlisted sailor (E1-E6) in the US Navy, because of the white hat worn with their Navy dress uniform.
The Chief went looking for some white hats to help bring aboard stores.
by Scott Evil March 17, 2006
7 16