A general name for wealthy males or the male children of the Nuevo riche. It is a country club reference (that is to say, it began by watching people in country clubs). It can be used to describe: frat boys, rich politicians, company owners who inherited their company or country club goers.
White hats make millions off the labor of the poor.
by YesYes October 23, 2006
n.(Hacker Lingo) One who hacks to find system loopholes, then uses that information to secure the system. Hackers employed with security firms, as well as hacker "watchdog" groups, would be considered whitehats.
Though whitehats have the best of intentions, their effors are often rewarded with lawsuits and criminal charges.
by progamer124 February 05, 2004
Frat boy types other wise known as bros. This particular species of frat boy can be seen galavanting around college campuses or downtown office buildings. They are distinguishable by their trademark white baseball caps which contain offensive college names of school they did not go to like Fordham University (FU) and the University of South Carolina (Cocks). They are more than likely wearing their caps at sporting events or at a bar watching sporting events, probably drinking Busch Lite or if they are classy Miller Lite.
See: Nearly every frat boy on every College Campus in the US.

David: Kate did you see all those White hats at the football game.

Kate: Yeah they kept ogling all of the women and drinking all the crappy beer.
by Texas Dave December 06, 2007
Hackers that say they're doing something good by exposing flaws on company networks.
White hat hackers should not be imprisoned.
by Rob September 18, 2003
The good guys
Man, I thought we were about to get our asses beat, until the white hats showed up.
by jred September 11, 2003
Socially responsible hacker; one who hacks then notifies the owner/authorities.
by lrussell September 14, 2003
Wearing one of these and going to the cinema alone is an act of defiance. White-hatters are people who don't need to wear an amorphous mass of friends like a security blanket, or have a girl/boyfriend slung around their neck. You wear a white hat to the cinema and, just maybe, meet someone else who doesn't need an 'other half' because they're a whole person, exactly as they are.

Whitehatting started on postsecret, and is spreading fast.

Join the revolution.
There's a white-hatter meet coming- check http://thewhitehatpeople.blogspot.com/ to find out about it.
I wore a white hat to see 'Casino Royale', and I've never enjoyed any film so much.
by Lyzi_byzi December 10, 2006
1. a jock

2. someone who can't think for himself and therefore shops at aeropostal and gap

*as seen in the emogame<3*
"kill the whitehats"-the emogame
by downwithjockocracy January 29, 2004
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