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In addition to the highest voted definitions here, it's also a tool used against whites to gain something, (which could be just about anything, by non-whites, and often even many liberal whites).

It's also often meshed into the meaning of "pulling the you're a racist card", intended to publicly, or even privately shame a white person of group of white people into politically correct submission, because everyone knows what happens in America when white people are considered racist.

It will go on until the end of time itself no matter the fact that black people already have thousands of millionaires (athletes, actors, musicians) who make countless more money than whites, a black president and first lady, black political leaders, the NAACP to help them advance whereas white people don't have special organizations to specifically help their colored race, Black specific television channels (BET and MTV) and magazines (Ebony Jet, etc.), a thriving interracial porn niche, countless white women having black babies, special help for getting into colleges, and the list goes on and on.
Deondre Jackson: "y0 nigga, long azz i keep callin whitey a racist and play on dey white guilt I can stay on da welfare and have 15 white baby momma, while I pimp around in my new kicks throwin dubs. EAST SIDE nigguh!"
by KeepinItRealYo September 24, 2012
74 29
When white people in the south blame white people in the north for the KKK and slavery because their racist past makes them feel guilt. Then they turn around and say how horrible Abraham Lincoln is for starting the War of Northern Aggression and hang a Confederate flag on their porch
“I think there was a cachet about having an African-American president because of white guilt.” - Bachmann explaining why all the northern states voted for Obama because they feel bad for starting the KKK and slavery and opposed civil rights
by Champion of Truthiness March 27, 2014
2 5
Slang word for cocaine. A play on the fact that cocaine is white and is known for being the illegal drug of choice for white collar white people.
"I still have some white guilt I need to get rid of. How much'll you give me for it?"
by JPGClog October 17, 2012
10 20
a term only used by white racists, applied towards other white people who challenge their worldview by suggesting that racism still exists and/or is bad for some reason.

Essentially a sanitized version of "nigger lover".
"You don't think it's funny when I call it James Earl Ray day? Feeling a little white guilt, are you?"
by Rollove April 25, 2010
98 250
What one feels after one tells a white lie.

I had the worst case of white guilt after I told my girlfriend she wasn't fat.
by pawntakesknightoff March 03, 2006
44 233
The immediate guilt that a person of White and or Caucasian ethnicity will feel for the minorities and their tribulations as they realixe and find out the truth of their white privilege. As to them feeling sorry for the poor minority that do not have the chance at their white privilege and feel as though they must solve and help their problems for them because their the only ones that can, instead of asking the minor and working with them to change and permanently solve the problem embedded in the American Aryan society.

The ignorant excuse that white us in their attempt to cover up thier doings as a people and trying to make up for it and all the while do not wish to give up thier white priviledge.
"oh honey give that poor blak kid a chance you know he Probably doesnt have a daddy or a home and lives in infested streets, we have to substitute for that, my white guilt is telling me so, because he can never have what we have he probably doen't even know how to read. you poor nigga"
by Aviya M. February 27, 2006
71 307
The truth, because they stole everyone else's culture.
White boy: Why do I feel inferior to everyone else, even though we stole everything from the rest of the world and cliamed it for ourselves. We even live in caves while the rest of the world (people of color) were advancing in technology, music, science, etc., so we had to steal their culture because actually, our brain can only think to steal, kill, and destroy!
Person of Color: That's called white guilt!
by cassidymac June 23, 2009
65 331