The girls that many girls of other races living in westernized countries want to be least until they mature and realize that girls of all races are beautiful no matter what the WHITE media says, white girls age waaaay faster than their black or asian counterparts, some some cannot live without makeup (thank god!), and most cannot dance.

Despite some claiming that girls of other races are trying to emulate them, white girls make up a large proportion of clienteles for plastic surgery (lip/buttocks augmentations), dye their hair far more often than girls of other races, wear colored contacts more often, and risk getting skin cancer by tanning.
Some white girls do not realize that their privileged status is a result of their men oppressing, killing and stealing from other races and raping women of other races around the world.
Nevertheless, the more down-to-earth ones that do befriend other races are usually the friendly and pretty ones.
White girls who think they are the hottest are the stupid ones (and often the ugly ones) that don't realize that the only reason their beauty is more publicized in the western world is because the media is controlled mostly by white men.
by ljglfkj95896 November 28, 2011
Top Definition
slang name for cocaine more often used in school so teachers aren't so sure what you're talking about.
yo you got any white girl, i heard she's hard to get right now.
by ehh. January 25, 2006
refers to cocaine,blow,coke
nigga i stay fuckin wit dat white girl
by k March 11, 2005
A creature who often posts pictures of Starbucks on Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook. Often wears leggings and Ugg Boots and posts about how Nutella is very good when everybody knows it is. You will always see a White Girl with her Ugg Boots on, Leggings on, and IPhone at Starbucks.
Instagram White Girl: Starbucks(: <3

Facebook White Girl: @ Starbucks. U jelly? <3 ;)

Tumblr White Girl: Starbucks, Ugg Boots, Leggings = Good Day(:
by idekbruuhhh October 20, 2013
used on the streets, slang for cocaine
say mayne, i went and got me 5 bricks of dat white girl
by realnigga September 13, 2007
defined as a slang word for the drug called cocaine.
"You seen that white girl today?"
by ashcakes January 04, 2008
what every nigga wants , if she has a fat ass
Damn look at that ass in 'dem jeans .that white girl looks good.
by Amanda April 02, 2005
A person who:
wears uggs
wears yoga pants
drinks starbucks
corrects your grammar
has a white iphone
often has extensions
and denies they're a white girl
Girl 1: *Gets starbucks while wearing yoga pants and uggs*
Girl 2: "Omg your such a white girl!"
Girl 1: "You're"
by ImNotAWhiteGirlISwear January 12, 2014

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