Term referring to something not particularly useful that has very high cost of upkeep.
Famous white elephants include Olympic Stadium in Montreal, the former Millennium Dome in London and the Concorde jet.
by beau99 April 26, 2010
Motorcycle cops. (Australian) Named for the combination of overweight, white bikes and riders. And at some point, nearly everybody has thought about shooting one.
Hah hah, look at the white elephant, he's too fat to split lanes.
by Machiavelli Cheddars August 12, 2004
The act of shooting semen on a female nose and having it dangle over two inches.
I told Wendy at her party to turn around and thats when I gave her the WHITE ELEPHANT!
by pet destroyer October 05, 2011
The one girl a guy will always have a thing for, and will always do anything for. The girl a guy will never forget, even if there was nothing between them. The girl who is more, to the extent where, a guy will never be with this girl and is aware of the reality and so, realizes it will never be.
Steve- Why do you keep calling her?
Tom- I can't help it, she's my white elephant.
Steve- It's never gonna happen.
Tom- Yeah, I know, but not for lack of trying.
by little_lost_one June 23, 2012
A mystery drug (of unknown nature and effect) given by one person to another, the former often using the latter as a guinea pig to test the drug's effects.

Especially refers to this scenario when the drug's post-ingestion effect is particularly debilitating, such as that of horse or elephant tranquilizer.
Someone gave her a white elephant, and now she's in the bathroom vomiting.

by watcher04 February 14, 2009
1. the obese white women preferred by African American males.

Brothers who date white chicks are usually just thinning the herd of white elephants.
by Mike Oxhard July 12, 2006
A crazy masturbation act where you squeeze your testicles until they turn blue and smack your penis until you come.
Have you ever done a white elephant?
by QWERTY357 December 25, 2008
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