Mixing prescription pills (xanax, adderal, norcos, ect) with alcohol.

A term derived from the song "WHITEBOY WASTED" by Black Lung & Fresco (Borgata Mob), in which they refer to being Whiteboy Wasted.
"Hada pocket fulla pills now i'm Whiteboy Wasted"
by TEAM PVC October 02, 2011
Top Definition
the highest level of being fucked up. done mostly by white teenage kids with alcohol and/or other drugs.
dam nigga i never been this fucked up, we straight white boy wasted!
by lukelukecrunkkk September 25, 2009
the highest level of being fucked up and doing anything and everything unimaginable if you were sober... done mostly by white guys with alcohol and/or other drugs(I believe it started on college campuses)
Dude was straight white boy wasted last night and woke up not knowing where he was!
by Tupacalicious May 19, 2012
being drunk and nothing else.
Maaane that fool was white-boy wasted! No geekin, no purp, just straight drannnkin!
by BeckyBecky December 30, 2009
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