The little white papers used to cover cigarettes and the same type to roll up weed
we rolled up that kush in some white boys and smoked it til we choked
by ighetjaysz13 July 10, 2008
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Also white boy. Slang refering to a marijuana joint rolled with white rolling papers. ie: zigzag, ezwider
I don't want to smoke a blunt, I like the white boy.
by DVF May 20, 2005
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A term used for someone of European descent. Usually used by Blacks but also used by Asians, Hispanics, Arabs, basically anyone thats "colored" or aint white.
White boy: Sup
Colored person: Wassup white boy
White boy: Hey thats racist!

Colored person: you the same dude that said "whats the difference between niggers and sand niggers? sand niggers wear bed sheets on purpose." so how you gonna call me racist cracka?
by NOS412 July 17, 2010
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a comment used to identify someone and may be taken as an isult but if you get down to it, if the boy is white, hence the word white boy. depending on how it is said it can be taken offensivly.
"look at that white boy"- identify

"stop acting like a white boy" - offensive
by no name at all November 16, 2005
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Used by both non-white and white Americans, this largely playful term refers to a white male of any age, but particularly young adults (15 - 30 years old), as seen specifically from the perspective of certain traditional non-white stereotypes.

The preconceptions suggested by this term often include ideas such as white men's inferior physical prowess in certain traditionally non-white sports, white men's awkward social behavior (especially around black and other non-white social groups), white men's tendency to pursue certain careers, hobbies, musical interests, political affiliations etc., which differ from those of their non-white counterparts, and countless other indicators which may or may not have a basis in objective reality.

While the term may occasionally be used by non-whites to express actual hostility at white people over historical racial issues, the trend has been toward a more playful, even ironic, use of the term. It is not uncommon to hear a black person use the term affectionately when speaking of a white friend, or even to hear two white people using the term in reference to each other and/or themselves.

As the slang term described above, this two-word expression generally appears in spoken dialog only. In official written English, a white boy requires the preceding article (a, the) and means only a young male who is white.
"Hey, white boy.. put down the basketball and go find a soccer field somewhere.."

by Gregory Ross May 28, 2006
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a term used for white people not often used to insult but just cause the areas it is used whites are often a minority and they stick out, so that person would come to kinda be known as the white boy. Lets say if you put 100 blacks in a suburban white school of a bout 4000 whites they would probably stick out and may start to be called by nicknames simply cause they are a minority and they stickout.
Where whites are the minority....

black kid-"yo theres whiteboy, wutup white boy"
white kid-"Wusup Jamal...where da bud at?"

Where blacks are the minority....

dumb white girl-"wut up my nigga" (you know how those preppy white girls like to say nigga causa all the rap they here so they think its cool to say to blacks...?..)
black kid-"oh wutup Chrissy...why u always gotta call me nigga huh?(he says that in a joking tone of course)

now some blacks take offense when u call them nigga...even if ur joking...and some dont it depends on the person. The ones who would get mad are the ones who probably stereotype white people or just dont like them
by neutral white guy November 28, 2007
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The word white boy is used by other races to contact a white male. But I don't understand why they can all us white boys but we can't say nigger,or beaner to them. If we did say that to them they would wan't to kick are ass for saying that.
ME: Hey whats up nigga.
THEM: What the fuck did you just call me White boy.
ME: What
THEM: I'm going to kick your ass you fucking White Boy.
by MasterRoach April 12, 2008
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