A term that black people can use to describe white people, like nigga except you can't get arrested for saying it.
Black person: Yo, wassup white boy?
White person: What the fuck did you call me?
<Punches the black person in the face, knocking out several teeth. The police arrest the white person and he gets thrown in jail for assault.>

by Spob July 20, 2006
a person that is white, does not have to be a boy, usually a deragatory and rascist term
that white boy cant dance fo shit
by killa September 22, 2003
A term keyed by African americans to retart to caucasian males.

Other terms inlude; Honkey, Cracker, White bread, Uncooked sausage, Small weenies, cone heads, white meat, pork belly... The list goes on.
Black guy:Hey what up white boy (True meaning: Honkey, Cracker, White bread, Uncooked sausage, Small weenies, cone heads, white meat, pork belly... The list goes on).

White guy: Hey Tyrone (True meaning Nigger).
by Slim Thug March 21, 2005
Expression used mostly by non-white americans designing white americans, usually revealing a kind of condescension towards whites. Hardly can find a translation in other languages due to the fact that non-american societies are rarely based on discrimination and segregation as much as american society
-American movie original version : "Shut the fuck up white boy"

-Same movie spanish version : "Shuto ze fuckupo blanco (yes, blanco, like that kinda white painting erasing shit that kids use"

-Same movie french version : "Ta gueule blanquette (more a name for a goat than a racial insult)"

-Same movie chinese version : "&#39640;&#32423;&#25628; &#32034;&#20351; &#29992;&#20559;&#22909;&#35821; &#35328;&#24037;&#20855;&#25628;&#32034; &#25152;&#26377;&#32593;&#31449; white-boy"
by FrenchLascar187 June 30, 2004
A regular joint of marajuana. A rolled cigarette with marajuana tobacco instead of cigarette tobacco. Marajuana cigarette rolled in white cigarette paper (Top Paper) instead of tobacco the outer layer of tobacco.
I need a white boy to ease my stress.
by BinikiLove August 25, 2009
A boy or man that is of European descent. Sometimes used as a derogative name towards white males. Ghetto white males will sometimes call themselves "white boy" or "white boi" to look cool to blacks.
Damn! White boy can dance!
by Black Lesbian January 13, 2010
A term used for someone of European descent. Usually used by Blacks but also used by Asians, Hispanics, Arabs, basically anyone thats "colored" or aint white.
White boy: Sup
Colored person: Wassup white boy
White boy: Hey thats racist!

Colored person: you the same dude that said "whats the difference between niggers and sand niggers? sand niggers wear bed sheets on purpose." so how you gonna call me racist cracka?
by NOS412 July 17, 2010

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