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A little bitch who is able to get anything that he wants from his parents. Usually has an extremely high-pitched voice and attempts to act "black" while playing games online. When a white boy wants something or doesn't like something he will complain to his parents, who will immediately file a lawsuit, usually accusing an African-American of something that he didn't do, and he will always win. Basically an all-around faggot who will get nowhere in life.
White Boy:"Mommy! Mommy! I got killed in MW2 by a guy with the gamer tag "BlackMan123"

White Mom:"Oh no! I'll go find a nigger and file a lawsuit! Then you can complain and suck big dicks and try to act tough online as you always do!"

White Boy:"Yay! Mommy gets me anything!"
by Whitepplsckdck June 02, 2010
the slang term for white people used by black people, the same black people that would get offended if a white person called them a nigger
black:yo wut up white boy!
white:yo wut up nigga!
black:wut the fuk did u call me..... ima beet yo ass
by chris June 30, 2004
Derogotory term used by blacks to refer to caucasian peoples.If you call a black person "black boy", they say its racist but they refer to caucasian males as "white boy".
dem white boys like deer huntin an shit like dat.
by shadowace January 30, 2005
Usally a term used bye a race other then white. Can be used in a derogatory manner, but not always. Sometimes it's just used to call out to a white person in a non derogatory way.
DEROGATORY: Sit down you fuckin white boy!

NON DEROGATORY: "Yo Slim! You know your my favorite white boy, right?"
by Rayman53 January 08, 2004
an insult to use on wiggers
"WHITE BOY!!" Christie yelled at the school wigger.
by Kikaider April 02, 2004
a boy that is white
im a white boy
by B-Mount February 17, 2004
A word used by black people with intent to offend those of caucasian descent. To black people, this word embodies the equivalent severity of the word nigger. If a black person refers to a white person as a "white boy" however, society sees nothing wrong with this. If a white person refers to a black person as a nigger, society sees him as a racist. This unwritten rule probably exists because of the historical significance carried by the word nigger, but this is unfair nonetheless.
J-Dawg: Fuck you white boy!

Clarence: Fuck off nigger! Back of the bus!

J-Dawg: Yo imma cawl tha 5-0 on this muthafuckin craka's ass.
by alex1010 April 26, 2009
Slang used by African-Americans to descripe someone who is white.
Go Whiteboy go whiteboy go!
by Anonymous August 10, 2003