1)Woman of caucasian extraction who thinks she is more atractive than she is.
2)white woman with unwarranted confidence.
Did you see that ugly white bitch wlaking down the street?
by king September 29, 2004
cocaine, blow, nose candy, columbian dope, yahmo, yea, ect.
Don't fuck with the white bitch.

I got some of that white bitch.
by the_infinitesimal October 15, 2004
A rich white girl who is usually drinking Starbucks, has at LEAST 2+ pairs of shoes, has an iPhone and is wearing girly girl clothes. If looking for a white bitch go to the closest 'up scale' area of where you live. Age is about 10-22. (WARNING, WHITE BITCHES CAN, AND WILL BREAK YOUR HEART)
Dominic:Hay dude, look at Abbey.

Liam: Damn dude, new iPhone, just came out of Starbucks with a new gold plated bracelet.

Dominic: Dude here she comes......Hi Abbey!

Abbey:*ignores*..*hopes into daddy's Mercedes*

by spiceymonkie April 15, 2014
Any white woman alone in a black neighborhood, used by teenager blacks, often derogatorily when the woman pays scant attention.
That white bitch ain't happenning bro! Forget it.
by sayak September 30, 2006
Either cocaine....or...people who are rascist and call people of caucasian descent white bitch.
Yo, I aint gon take dat white bitch's shit!
by KBDM March 06, 2007
Code word/name for the drug cocaine.
"I need to get some white bitch from papi"
by Sparklez November 06, 2006

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