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Any sort of back petting urban hipster fan boy puss.
The Hemlock is afucking white belt trough
by Aesop April 30, 2004
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a. a fashion craze
b. a fad
The trucker hat is the new white belt.
by jotyco March 15, 2004
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When a person -male or female- ejaculates on their partner(s) for the first time. This is a unique belt in that it can be attained thru shear mistake. The only criterion is that the projectilation falls on the partners’ body. Leniency by the panel of peers should be exercised when the decision is made whether or not to grant this belt.
Peters pecker just shot a pearl necklace on his girlfriend. Because of this he has obtained his White Belt.
by Boxhead October 08, 2004
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When a person has sex with a member of the caucasian race for their first time.
I love latinas so much that I didn't earn my white belt until I was 23.
by grimssender July 24, 2011
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