a slang term for a large white female. commonly used by young men but also other groups.
duuude! that guy is dating a white whale. what a chubby chaser.
by jimjam87 July 01, 2010
adjective - the fatest white male at your high school during your junior or senior year and the fat kid is only one to two years younger than you.
Thar she blows! The white whale!
by obamapproved May 24, 2009
When you are face fucking a chick, pull out after you fill their mouth with semen, then proceed to slap both of their cheeks at the same time yielding the same appearance of a whale surfacing for air.
If you can't figure it out from the definition of white whale then you are too fucking stupid.
by Wayne Sucks July 07, 2009
When one's nude buttocks breach the surface of the water, allowing a discharge of stale poo gas to be expelled in a spray of fine mist.
While swimming with friends, explain the legend of the mysterious white whale that is rumoured to live at the bottom of the lake. Dive down in search of the beast, wait 10 sec., execute the manoeuvre described above
by The Hawk August 25, 2005
When someone is sleeping and you croutch over top of them, pull down your pants, place your butt cheeks close to their face, then slap them across the face to suddenly wake them up and cause them to jump up into your ass....if a well executed white whale is performed the nose will directly hit the anus. Note: the person giving the "whale" is white (caucasian), otherwise it is known as a "black" whale (or substitute according to ethnic background and ass color)
My college roomate was sleeping on my couch, so I decided to give him a white whale.
by J-Vizzle September 01, 2006

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