It basically means to let go of your nationality and acting in ways "white".
Wow she just came to this country yet she doesn't have the slightest accent and rocks our style! She is soo whitewash.
by raspberry13 December 10, 2007
To disregard one's own culture is to be whitewashed. You do this in order to make way for a new culture. Just as you whitewash a wall to remove the original color, you then paint it a new color. White wash is to make way for something new.
The Irishman moved to Japan and became white washed and then adopted a new culture to him.
by Roxass October 15, 2015
A term used to describe Asian females who are insecure and have an inferiority complex. Whitewashed people are spineless and have no shame in turning their backs on their own kind.
Whitewashed asian girl: I don't like asians because they have small eyes.

White guy: don't you have small eyes?

Whitewashed asian girl: I'll be getting plastic surgery to get double eyelids soon.
by KingInDisguise August 06, 2012
While masturbating, a sexually deprived man orgasims with such magnitude that it is caught by his ceiling fan and distributed along the wall.
"What the hell is that on your wall Toomay?" "Keshia cut me off a few weeks ago and I decided to whitewash the wall."
by Brahbrah June 08, 2012
Term used often in northern states, it's the action of rubbing a handful of snow in someone elses face, hard. Whitewashes can also be done by shoving their head into the ground and making them eat snow. Usually it's a significant end of a snowball fight.
I was kicking his ass in the snowball fight, so I just whitewashed him and left.

or, before a fight--

Dude, no whitewashes, those are gay. Your gloves are like fuckin sandpaper.
by snowballa December 18, 2005
When numerous men ejaculate all over a girl until she is completely covered in semen - making her 'washed white'.
Dude, we completely white-washed that girl last night, it was hilarious!
by donthinkaboutit July 26, 2011
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