christina marini
christina marini is white trash.
by nameeeeee April 08, 2009
1) Any member of the Williams family
2) A fan of NASCAR
3) Anyone that wears wristbands and/or funny looking shoes
4) Anyone who comes from a long line of lawn care professionals
5) Anyone hailing from New Haven, Connecticut
Wow, Nate Williams is total white trash
by Webster's Dictionary March 15, 2005
Trash of European Descent.
by Anonymous June 05, 2003
Is from "Downriver" Michigan. Everyones loved one sleeps with someone else, leather jackets are a must. wife beaters/tank tops are not seen as wrong (probably worn out to dinner). Jean shorts keep them cool in the summer and are worn when they swim in the river. Downriver white trash have family dinners at hooters, talk about porn with their parents and lose their virginity in high school to someone over the age of 25.
Son: "Mom, dad, can we go out to that fancy dinner place again, hooters?"
Dad: "sure son, let me call my other girlfriend over so we can get some good pictures first, quick go put on a tank top/wife beater/sleeveless shirt and some jean shorts"
Son: "Gee dad you are the best, I'll grab your good flannel shirt and mom's leather pants while im up there."
aww look at the white trash....
by kid rock July 06, 2006
Can be male or female. Male: tight Wranglers w/ visible crotch bulge, "wife beater" shirt, beer can in hand, rodeo or NASCAR pins on their cowboy hat (by the way, I fit this description!). Females: bar-fight mentality, often pregnent and uncertain of the father, with big hair but usually sweet and with a "heart of gold" (my kinda woman!). Take that, you yuppie, pretentious boys and girls!
White trash is: women at car races, rodeos and WWE events. Men at rodeos, at work on blue collar jobs, or at the local honky tonk bar. Kids of either gender.
by cowboysex June 11, 2006
UK definition...

Generally family of chavs where the parents dont work or atleast dont declare it....

The family will live in a council house and have about 12 children all called Kev or Trav....

These children will cause chaos in school and drop out when they have their first chance and will never amount to more than their parents...

Most of these people earn more than an honest working person and thanks to the government get away with it...
Why can't white trash spell their own name its only 3 letters long and theyve got it written on their hand and their brothers have the same name... and they have cousins with the same name.... and their dad has the same name?
by sweet May 28, 2004
A person who smokes pot, drinks excessively, strips and/or wears a tank top. Will be seen without car/health insurance. Clothing will generally be marinated in barbeque sauce and WD-40. Most white-trash will expose unusual parts of skin at times when they are in danger or under the influence. Can sometimes be seen on COPS with no shirt on ( that includes women ). To effectively contain a white-trash specimen you should arm yourself with a switchblade or a copy of 'The Catcher and the Rye'. Any literature will do.
-Nicole's dad grunted when she tried snatching his ganja-cake.

-The white trash-o-meter soared when Clyde tore Mark's shirt as he struck him with a tree branch.

-Josh and Justin stole his father's drugs and shared them with friends because they are hardcore white-trash.

-She was so white-trash she urinated in the gravel facing towards the interstate.
by McLarenF1God January 10, 2004

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