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The pain and suffering faced by white people every day.
Fuck you nigga, I can too jump! At least I aint a nigger you fuckin black darkness nigga! White Struggle!
by Bob Saget April 18, 2005
All The Shit white people have to put up with in society today.
WHITE STRUGGLE,Black people Complaining to fuckin much, the money that taxpayers pay to the "Minorities" of this country who sit around on there asses having kids and doing drugs and not being a productive member of society
by White pride fuckers October 25, 2006
Something that does not exist.
A wizard is white struggle. Sure whites face racism, but so what! It doesn't affect them as racism does towards blacks, hispanics, etc. White people "the race that suffers the most discrimination", such stupid bullshit.
by Youretheracist September 14, 2006
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