Chicago's American League and south side MLB team (as opposed to the Cubs, who play on the North Side). Often regarded as the "second team of the second city" in spite of:

*More world series titles (three to the Cubs' two) as well as the advantage of actually having won a title in the last 100 (or rather 105) years.

*A statistically better record over the last 25 years (i.e. more winning seasons than losing)

*A newer, nicer stadium that helps provide a happy, fun, comfortable ballgame experience (Wrigley may have more history and outer beauty, but it's a different story inside the ballpark)

*Fans who, though not above taunting and harassing, will actually respect players and fans of the opposing team (unlike Cubs fans, who enjoy turning aggressive on innocent fans and players when things don't go their way)
When the White Sox lose, they admit it was the result of bad playing by their team or much better playing by the other, and look to build a better team from that point regardless.

When the Cubs lose, they blame some ridiculous "curse" or even one of their own fans and let yet another defeat become more and more part of the team's history and daily life
by GaaraoftheDamned January 20, 2014
News Flash: The Cubs and White Sox are not in the same league, so it is actually okay to cheer for both of them and hope they both do well. They're both great baseball teams and people who bitch about how one sucks and the other is awesome look like morons.

Instead let's talk about how much the Yanks and the Cards suck ass, because they do.
The White Sox are an old and excellent baseball team, and if the zealots would just cool it a bit the sane sports fans of Chicago would greatly appreciate. Thanks.
by C++ June 03, 2006
Wel lets put it this way...... A World Series Winning, dominating team,who swept the world series yes swept. the cubs suck and everybody knows it here are some examples....

WHY THE SOX own the cubs:
1)look at the White sox record(99-63)compared to the cubs(79-83)
2)the white sox don't cork bats
3)they were in 1st place everyday day of the 2005 season
4) we don't have lame excuses like the cubs( a goat? even a retard could make up a better excuse.)
5)They don't blame fans for mistakes
6)last but not least they won the world series in a sweep...need i say more
The White sox don't need examples they are are just better than the cubs.. thats all thats to it.
by Eddie Rusboldt October 27, 2005
Major league baseball team in Chicago that focuses on one thing, and one thing only: winning.
2005 White Sox World Series Champions, 3rd-best record in baseball since 1990.
by truth17 July 03, 2010
the team that has just made it into the World Series!!!!!
what now Cubs fans?????
South Side Pride baby!!! go chicago white sox!
by SoX4LyFe October 17, 2005
2005 American Leage Champions
Since the White Sox are the AMERICAN LEAGE CHAMPIONS, they get to go to the world series.
by Nando October 17, 2005
The dynasty of the new century.
The White Sox are the future of baseball.
by Londonisdirty April 10, 2006
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