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A way of saying that the group has reached a consensus; agreement after debate. Based on the tradition of burning straw along with the ballots to make white smoke above the Vatican when the College of Cardinals has elected a new Pope.
After three hours of negotiation, I think we finally have white smoke!
by RadioRay September 24, 2005
Champagne Powder - The beautiful, fresh and soft snow. The type people dream and fantasise about. Also known as Powder or POW
Man I just can't stop dreaming about white smoke!!
by staedtler012 August 22, 2011
similar to white trash, it is used to describe white people who are either dirty, poor, on welfare, classless, useless, jobless, or all of the above.
The trailer park is full of white smoke
by mmilldes March 13, 2013
to smoke your trucks tires around a corner
damn foul we just white smoked that bitch!!
by Andrew The Best November 30, 2007
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