A shower that is superior to all other showers! And don't get me started on those fucking dirty baths.
"When I finished reading "Mein Kampf", I shaved my head, and took a white shower; then put on my boots and red suspenders."
by XDavid PolicastroX April 15, 2009
Top Definition
when a guy explodes his cum all over a girls chest. and it keeps cumming...
watch out for the white shower.
by Bearded Abe February 28, 2005
like a golden shower but having a bunch of guys cum all over you instead of pissing
Debbie: Ever since I switched from golden showers to white showers, my skin has started to GLOW!
50 guys: unnggghhhh squirt-squirt-squirt
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada June 19, 2009
The act in which a woman has her face ejaculated upon by at least 5 men. This is very popular in orgies.
They gave her a white shower.
by PhilMcAnus October 19, 2009
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