The regional symbol of the county of Yorkshire, England.
The best county in england.
If you have heard of The War of The Roses, then you will know if refers to the war between Yorkshire and Lancashire, in which Yorkshire was represented by the White Rose and Lancashire by the Red Rose.

Although Yorkshire sadly lost the war (much to the dismay of the proud race of yorkshire folk), the symbol is still a beacon of hope and pride, and is used proudly on all things Yorkshire.

seth: white rose country is place f'me.
eric: aye lad, dont feel safe in't red rose country thaself.
by shoots August 15, 2007
Top Definition
A term used in the anime series "RWBY". The symbol of Ruby x Weiss.
White rose is my favourite flower apart from Yuri.
by Alles unter kontrolle July 07, 2014
A white rose stands for pure love. While the red rose stands for passion. Give your love both and it'll mean something speacial. Rub a red rose on your belly if you're pregnant and the baby will learn to love.
My boyfrind gave me a white rose when he asked me to marry him. It was beautiful.
by July 13, 2008
When a man cum's on the womans vagina and smears the sperm around her oppening making it turn into a "white rose".
I could make a pretty white rose on your vagina miss.
by fuzzy jacket July 12, 2010
The act of cumming in your hand and smearing it in the bitches face. The epitomy of a disrespectful action.

Kanichiwa Bitches
Joe was fucking a random and gave her the WHITE ROSE. The act of cumming in your hand and smearing it in the bitches face.
by The White Rose April 10, 2010
Whenever you have beef or a squabble with some punk ass bitch, or even a bitch, the solution to this problem is usually solved through a sequence of events called the "white rose." Basically, heres what you need so you can white rose; 7-10 testosterone filled men, a mini van(preferrablly a red nissan quest), 10 paintball guns, oh and if possible some white roses. Now that you have all that, all you do is plan out which stupid bitch/nigger's house you plan to hit, and once thats figured out, all you gotta do is go there and then hit that shit up.
We fuckin hit up 8 houses one night. WHITE ROSE!
by MT SAC February 10, 2006
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