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Something very different from white sepremacy. White pride is being proud of your European heritage -just like how Blacks have pride being of African decent and Asians are proud of being Asians, etc. etc.- while white supremacy is when you think that being white is the best fucking thing on the planet and that all other races below yours are to be considered scum and should be enslaved.

Something that most white people are afraid to show in public without starting a riot fumed by pissed off Hispanics and Blacks.
Person with White Pride: I'm proud for being White. I love my race.
Ignoramous: You Nazi white supremacists should all DIE!!!
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e November 03, 2007
Pride in being of European heritage. Pride in having light colored skin (called White), not a racist term at all, but today's modern society deems people who use this term to be racist. Like me.
White pride worldwide
by Mr. Mike Jones June 13, 2008
The only way ahead in life according to that Maayan guy.
And Maayan looked at him with great anger in his eyes, he shouted "white pride" as he shot the poor arab down.
by Thomas Schneiders November 24, 2004
What white pride means to me;White pride isn't just taking pride in your color,It's about taking pride in who you are,your culture,your family,and finding something more then just being a "normal" white.White pride is as racist as Black pride and Mexican Pride.People such as the KKK and Neo-Nazi's give us a bad name,I personally don't hate blacks for their color(Same with Mexicans).Now A day's it seems as only White people can be racist,and that is NOT true.I personally hate how we are losing our culture...Slowly but surely.Love who you are,Love being white.
White man proud of being white:White pride world wide!

Black man proud of being black:Racist!

white man again:You are racist for telling me I can't have pride
by Saint JimmyRotten January 09, 2012
for when you have fuck all else to be proud of.
White pride, because I have achieved exactly nothing in my own life so I intend to leech off the achievements of people that had the same incidental skin color as me.
by morgansgoat March 09, 2013
Something that may aswell be banned in england as it's racist against those of a dirtier colour.
I'm pride of my whitness WHITE PRIDE
50# Your under arrest sonny
Fucking paki
by Master Patrick Claire Thompson August 05, 2006