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When you get really drunk at night & then wake up and start drinking and telling embellished stories that fill in the parts of the night you don't remember - thus whiting them out and writing in whatever's funny.
HungoverNikon: Dude, we drank a lot of developer last night, eh?
HungoverbutnowrewastedCanon: Yeah, I guess. I've had about five pints this morning. How'd you develop last night?
HungoverNikon: A bunch of rad longshots of the X-Games & some underwater stuff diving off Catalina.
HungoverbutnowrewastedCanon: Oh dude, I started out with some nude test shots & then I got really dosed. I had NBA sequences that A_tiba shot, K_ston sequences that A_tiba shot, & some N_SC_R stills that A_tiba shot, no big deal. I also got news that I'm shipping to NY for a job T_rry's shooting of KM... but like I said no big deal.
HungoverNikon: Sounds like you were white out drunk
by bbq_ringworm September 25, 2012
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