many people in germany use the word nigga with a very bad meaning and somebody who is bad is as often white as black. So a white nigga is somebody who wants to give the word nigga a better use.
I think this meaning is shit!! wigga (white nigga)
If you don´t like people using the word nigga as much as I do, message me and tell me your ideas what to do on the internet to stop them!!!! white nigga (the word must be in the example)

by White Nigga! August 22, 2006
Top Definition
1. The badass poor white guy that lives in the ghetto and isn't racist. Doesn't like rich whites. Doesn't go to hollister, abercrombie, or have an ipod.

2. White guy that acts black because he thinks it's cool. Acts like he's from the ghetto but was raised in suburbia. Moron.
1. B#1: Why's that white guy always hangin' wit you?
B#2: Chill man, he's a white nigga, he's one of us.

2. That white nigga listens to rap and throws signs because he thinks he's from the ghetto.
by thebigbadbamf October 29, 2006
A white kid in the burbs who hangs with nigga's, face bangs big lip nigga' bitches, smokes that blunt with the nigga's, and any other cool ass shit a black nigga' might do: like deal drugs, rob, and straight up gang bang. In other words just a chill ass dude.
Black Nigga' #1 Yo!!! That dude is a straight up white nigga'. He just picked his ass and licked his finga'. I love that white nigga'.

Black Nigga' #2 Yo, that's my nigga'!!
by Merry Go Round December 29, 2010
A white nigga is a guy usually white, that is either friends with an African American and is called that or a term for a white wannabe nigga. Could also be used to mention a white guy with a big dick.
What's up my white nigga?

He think he a white nigga lol!

His dick so big might as well be a white nigga!
by SharkishaMicheleQuan July 02, 2016
white guy actin black
white guy:big up to my home boy mandela
black guy:look at that white nigga actin like he's black
by me 111111111 May 18, 2006
an ignorant and stupid white person.white slave,un inventor of racism.kkk,or arion nation.dumn.
the kkk are a group of white niggas.
by kevin d burke May 05, 2007
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