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down to the very bone
awww that dude got beat down to the white meat
by julie February 07, 2005
Chicken, pork(the other white meat), or baby(the other other white meat), also known in rap music as bustin someones head
"Baby, the other other white meat!"
Fat Bastard - Austin Powers
by DT44 April 30, 2005
fascia- a dense fibrous connective tissue that encapsulates soft tissue. It it essentially devoid of vasculature and this contributes to its white appearance. The term is frequently used by Black Americans in the Southeastern US.
He got his head split to the white meat!
by Rhyson June 02, 2009
A crucial beating
He got beat down to the white meat

Imma told yall ima buss ur head ta da white meat
by Ashshalee b May 16, 2004
gambling winnings. the amount of money you are up. usually used in association with poker.
"Damn look at all this white meat. I'm going to go out and get me a LAP-DANCE!!!"
by whitemeat32 October 11, 2006
The literal Chinese translation for the phrase meaning 'human flesh'
Don't go to that shady place bro. Rumour has it they serve white meat.
by Icyicy00 April 18, 2015
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