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Commonly regarded as the most unlikey of all lighter colors.
Used a white lighter broke a sweet ass pipe.
Used a white lighter lost my favorite chill'em.
Used a white lighter got caught on a roady.
Used a white lighter my fuckin car broke down.
Next day my truck broke down.
Used a white lighter i dropped my fone in a puddle.
Used a white lighter i lost 2 bags.
by bear and truffs September 01, 2007
WARNING: BAD LUCK!!!!! DON'T USE!!! Causes everything to break, most commonly and importantly your piece. :(
We smoked a bowl carelessly using a white lighter and Emily knocked the pipe on the ground where it exploded. And everyone was like, "WHITE LIGHTER DUDE OMG" and then Marina's necklace broke. And then her car.
by Apppleseeds July 10, 2008
A white disposable lighter, generally Bic brand, that was either white at purchase or had the plastic wrapper removed.

Generally suspected of causing bad luck by superstitious morons who don't understand that they got in trouble because they smoked pot, not because they used a white lighter to smoke pot.
Stoner without any semblance of logic: "Dude, I hit a bowl with a white lighter and then I got pulled over."

Smart stoner: "Were you smoking while you were driving?"

SWASOL: "Yeah man, I lit up at the traffic light outside the police station."

SS: "..."

SWASOL: "I know, right? White lighters, man. Bad news."
by whydoineedauniquepseudonym? September 14, 2008
A BIC brand lighter that is completely white.
A white lighter is a bad omen, which must be immediately removed and destroyed to balance karma.
All three performers Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and Marlyn Monroe died at the age of 27 with white lighters on them, they were all also left handed.
by uradonkey003 February 08, 2012
a term describing a follower of a religion, philosophy, or spirituality that preaches things like denial of one's instincts and abstinence from worldly pleasures in order to attain some vaguely defined goal like "salvation" or "enlightenment"(e.g. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and some, but not all, forms of Judaism).

The term is mostly used by Satanists or other (non)spiritualists who believe in indulgence of the flesh. It may be used as an outright insult, a smug dismissal, etc.
"Did you hear? The Dalai Lama is doing a booksigning!"
"Meh. That's white-lighter stuff. Not my thing, man."

by IntestinePoet March 17, 2007
Someone who is unlucky and unlucky to be around
This person is the white lighter (T.M.)
2)Evading arrest
3)Running into a stop sign
4)Caught shoplifting beer
5)Got MIP while riding in a friends car (thats his second)
6)Domestic Violence

Ironically he maintains 3.8GPA and isn't a bad kid and still gets girls
by Bham44 January 06, 2010
See "fluffy"

A Wiccan or Witch who thinks that everything is fun happy popsicles in the world and that the God and Goddess will protect them because they're all fun and light like Hecate and Zeus (But Jesus is a meanie!)
"She's such a whitelighter."
by Arrow September 15, 2003
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