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to wear a tie and look like a complete dirtbag
your so over-dressed are you pulling a white flava on me
by omega April 06, 2003
to have an uncanny resemblance to that shit canadian artist remi shand
you wear a knit cap? you got the white flava
by omega April 07, 2003
to assume that your friend at gap wants to hook you up with 300 dollars worth of clothes
you motherfucking white flava I said id hook you up with one pair of pants
by omega April 07, 2003
the continuous flu where your pockets are always Broke.
wuttup dawg, i wanna go to the brassmunk concert but i got the "white flava", lend me 10 bones please?

friend: get a job chump... leave me alone.. had a hard day at WORK today... going to take a nap =P
by buddha April 07, 2003
when an imposter steps up on the turn tables.
Yo dawg check out this flyer, this jam is gonna be off the hook. P-plus is going to be spinning bro. Naw shyooot... look closer... that's not p-plus that's a 'white flava' dawg... :|
by buddha April 07, 2003
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