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1. The universally recognized symbol of surrender.
2. The French national flag.
1. Sir! We're losing our troops fast! We cannot hold out against this assault. I suggest we raise the white flag.

2. German tourists! We surrender!
by mikm June 02, 2005
When there is only one sheet of toilet paper left on the roll and someone forgot to restock the bathroom.
He was left with a white flag and had to surrender his pride and yell for someone to bring him a new roll.
by Lil' B (Crimanon) May 04, 2011
White Flag is an American punk band originally from Moreno Valley, California, now based in Los Angeles. Their current lineup consists of frontman Pat Fear (guitar), El Swe (guitar), Kim Crimson (guitar, organ), Doug Graves (bass), and Victor M. Surrounded (drums). Pat Fear has been the bands only constant member.

Their musical style ranges from hardcore punk to psychdelia to pop punk
hey man did you see white flag last night

yeah that were fucking great
by the jan-a-tor January 23, 2009
1. A towel used to clean up or collect cum after jacking off.

2. A cum-stained towel.
"Dude, I told you to grab a towel from the cupboard, you just wiped your face on my white flag."
by dilldozer May 02, 2010
To say a movie line wrong, or to omit certain word in the movie line
" 'Luke, I are your father.' No retard!! you white flagged it!! you just pulled a White Flag"
by Dr. Stark October 13, 2009
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