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freshly distilled whiskey. when whiskey comes out of the still it is clear, it isn't until is has been aged in wood casks that it turns brown and develops it's signature characteristics. white dog is basically low proof moonshine.
I got a sample of white dog at the whiskey distillery, it was surprisingly good
by Tstenq November 05, 2011
Western Australian Slang.
Simply a word to describe someone who has rejected an idea, proposition or not agreed to something.
Doesn't have a literal meaning to either words, however can sometimes be linked to the word "Dog" or "Dog Act".
Person 1: Want to go to the beach?
Person 2: No thanks.
Person 1: White dog...

Person 1: Were is that $2 you owe me?
Person 2: Don't have it.
Person 1: White dog...
by Daniel101001 October 18, 2009
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