Stereo typical term used for a penis of average length. 5 1/2-6" Not as large as a Negroes but not as small as an Asians.
Wolanda was lovin' her some white boy dick last night. She juiced herself real nice! Wasn't too big to hurt, wasn't too small to sleep.
by Tamica October 17, 2007
Top Definition
Someone with an extreemly small penis.
When I pulled down my pants she laughed because all I had to offer was a little white boy dick.
by N Alleem April 16, 2007
a term used by a black male to overcompensate for being a closet homosexual who secretly lusts after white cock
dajoseph - wtf is ur friend with that damn white boy?
girlfriend - huh?
dajoseph - u know he's got white boy dick
girlfriend - sorry i can't hear u. im trying to fix my hair
dajoseph - wat a damn waste
girlfriend - forget about her. gotta go. cya
dajoseph - ... im not talking about her
by o_filósofo November 30, 2010
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