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A person who loves fuzzy blankets.
"Dude get out of that blanket, you whitcomb."
by Brandon08 March 16, 2008
An Irish name that stands for emotional strength as well as a faithful companion. A Whitcomb will never leave someone behind, and will always be by your side. Whitcomb's can be very hard to read because of their emotional barrier. (Even when it seems they don't care, they're caring.)
"My boyfriend's last name is Whitcomb!"
"Omg no way your gonna be together forever!"
"Idk i was telling him a sad story and he didn't seem to care"
"Nah he's just a Whitcomb he will listen in his own way"
by Brando Appleseed December 31, 2012
a person who thinks he's a cool kid, but really is not
Stop pretending your good at basketball, you whitcomb.

by ufsucks January 10, 2009
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