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the eternal punishing lot of the male!

extreme, overwhelming drive to engage in (and complete!) the sex act. no sympathy/empathy from much of the world the world re: this 'natural' condition.

if we can land on the moon! where is the technology to 'help' a poor fellow with his pain??

i.e.: virtual reality, etc? if prostitution MUST be 'illegal'!? why can't the 'sharper' minds find a solution??, (especially when so many suffer from the same malady!!)
i saw that bird walking, and was brought to my knees by the whistling tea-kettle syndrome!

she laughed at the notion of whistling tea-kettle syndrome!!

the two scientists made the government nervous with their plan to build a cyborg, specifically designed to process whistling tea-kettle syndrome!!
by michael foolsley May 11, 2011

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