Well known avatar picture mutation device. Not to be confused with a Wewus
I've scrapped my old whistlepig and will create a new one
by nursers December 07, 2003
Top Definition
The ridiculous and hillarious northern Pennsylvania term for a ground hog.
Thank goodness that whistle pig that was digging up my yard became road kill.
by Concierge March 26, 2005
A slang term for a groundhog. Sometimes applied to prarie dogs & musicians with too much time on their hands.
Hey - can somebody photoshop a cardigan on that whistlepig for me?
by franknputer December 05, 2003
A huge slut of a girl that you can get to come over simply by whistling at her.
I cant believe Ben is actually going to sects up that slam donkey. All he did was look at her and that whistle pig was jumping into his PT Cruiser in no time.
by mooseshadows March 05, 2015
It took him 12 hours to manscape because he kept stroking his slick whistle pig.
by Lee R. Moss July 23, 2015
Southern term for ground hogs.
A whistle pig ran across the road and we almost hit it.
by bamagirls September 22, 2014
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