A supery dupery manga all about the beautiful game (football, or "soccer" to you yank types). Puts a spin onto football that most hooligan fans here in merry old england seem to ignore, like working your arse off just to get into your school team. unfortunately, because of this, they feel the need to throw racial slurs at foreign players during matches, and act all high and mighty, quoting such classics as "I coulda dun that wiv me eyes closd!!". The manga is about the story of a young boy named Shou, who, when he fails to get into his school's team (which happens to be the best around), gives up his private education and opts for a public school instead, and makes it into their team instead. Unfortunately, they suck. And, in their first tournament game, they are drawn against Shou's old school, the greatest around, Musashinomori High. They do put up a tremendous fight, an unfortunately lose 3-2. I could go on all day, but you should go read it yourself, cos it iz teh shit!!
hey, yo, i jus bought volume 6 of Whistle!!, and it rox like a ton of pebbles in a hamm-ock!!
by blue orchid August 27, 2005
masturbate, sexual self pleasuring
I'll need to whistle tonight before I can get to sleep.
by junkie fan September 17, 2008
Tampon applicators, sans tampons, known to float in the 'rhea river. Named for their resemblance to whistles or any other wind instrument.
The most common whistles floating in the 'rhea river were pink in color.
by Sastwatch September 24, 2008
Something that one blows, making a one pitch note.
I am going to blow a whistle to make a one pitch note.
by ian fortson December 05, 2003
someone you really dont like...
Most commonly used with little bear or wrigley, but also used for those who are small and weak looking,(BRYAN).....

Look at this little whistle! Someone knock him out.

Also instead of actually saying "whistle" just whistle like a bird and make an indication to the person your talking about.
by SRAFF May 07, 2008
Someone you absolutely hate or a weak looking fool.
Most commonly used with any member of a certain tennis team but most specifically little bear, the soccer star, valedictorian, and 1st singles.
Look at valedictorian hit the ball, he is such a whistle.

Man, I really want to beat that whistle up.
by TheKimmer April 20, 2009
To be fantastic, or incredible
That move was so whistle!

Did you see that girl? Soooo whistle
by IKNOWALITTLEBIT August 28, 2009
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