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a tactic employed when you need to reprimand someone or just generally emphasize a point, but the situation calls for quiet; a stern, angry whisper.
johnny: dude, my girlfriend and i got in a fight at the library today. it was a whisper yelling marathon.

jane: man, your throat must not be killing you.
by flybyzephyr April 29, 2008

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Reprimanding, arguing, or verbally fighting with someone in a whisper, especially when in a public place or at work.
A: Have you seen B?

S: He's in the hall, whisperyelling on his phone.

B: "Holyfuckingshit, you just signed for a house without telling me? What the fuck are you thinking, Jackie? We don't have any fucking money. I can't talk right now, I'm walking into a meeting. I'll deal with you when I get home. Fuck."
by BPfor3 June 10, 2009