When you're so shit faced & can fuck your girls pussy all night long but can't cum
Tom: how was sex with Stephanie?
Harry: fucked that ass for hours but had whiskey dick and couldn't finish
by Fleeeeeleee October 11, 2015
when you're all revved up and they can't get/keep it up; the most disappointing occurrence known to women-kind
Girl 1: So how was your night last night?
Girl 2: horrible, I was ready to fuck but he got whiskey dick.
Girl 1: Yeah I heard that's a problem people have been having with with adam

Adam: ***crying***
by yeplee April 16, 2015
The condition resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol in which you are impotent (can't get it up with a crane)
You get totally drunk and meet a beautiful woman in a bar. Astoundingly, she goes home with you and wants to get it on, but you have whiskey dick and can't perform (get a boner)
by SunDeviLaw January 08, 2014
When you come home at 8am from the previous nights' engagement only to find your boyfriend spread eagle with a finished half gallon of whiskey beside him. His flaccid penis, which he is still holding, and hamds both have dried semen on them. To top it all off there is of course a loop of interracial creampie porn on the computer screen.
"You whiskey dick! What if our daughter caught you like this!?" "I guess I am not getting any action before you have to go to work with that broken whiskey dick of yours"
by TheMaskedRevenger June 26, 2013
Originally this condition was used to describe the extreme shrinkage caused by drinking alcohol, turning even the largest dicks into mere helmets in the bush.

More recent usage of the word has devolved to a more general description of being too drunk to get a hard-on
"I drank a fifth of Jack and had to piss, but it took me 10 minutes just to find my dick so I wouldn't piss on my balls."

"I'm too drunk to fuck."
by Bill Brasky March 02, 2005
Getting so drunk that you can't get it up.
guy #1: "So, did you do Shelly last night?"

guy #2: "No. By the time we got home from the party, I had whiskey dick."

guy #1: bummer.
by cirrostrat June 06, 2007
When a guy has had too much to drink and cannot achieve a full erection. It's kind of like this sad floppy thing that can't get it together. Have you ever seen one of those inflatable-balloon-men at a car dealership? Yeah, basically the same deal.
*Also makes it near impossible to have sex. Finicky little thing.
Jenny: Oh my god, Jeremy had the WORST whiskey dick last night! He couldn't get it in no matter how many times he tried.

Amanda: What's whiskey dick?

Jenny: Whiskey dick is when a guy's dick turns into one of those car dealership inflatable-balloon-men. IT NEVER STAYS UP!
by KeenKitty June 04, 2013
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