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Male gynecomastia (enlarged breasts), aka “moobs,” caused by estrogen from the wooden casks in which whiskey is aged.
If you're a casked-liquor drinker, may want to switch to something non-wooded (eg. move from scotch to vodka). Estrogen from the wood has been known to cause whiskey tits.
by Patrick3000 October 09, 2010
8 9
a phrase to call ones self or ones girlfriends/friends after the girl in question has been out sloppily drinking whiskey and sloshing it down her chin (where it drips into the bra) or directly into the cleavage.

unisex: can also mean when one is hammered from whiskey.
"Man, Dawn came home completely whiskey tits last night"
by xtle August 26, 2009
14 6
Fat perky sweaty male boobs.

Something you scream out loudly while running thoward your fat friend, with both hands aiming for each of his sweaty man boobs.

A perfect result should end in,
a loud scream and lots of whining.

Side effects: Sticy hands, and a whining buddy.
At some public place with lots of folks:
Jonas " WHISKEY TITS!!!!

Mike " Uh...?! "
Jonas twist it.
Mike " Aaaaaaaaaah, what the fuck man!!! "

Mike " What the hell did you do that for.. "

Jonas " ITS FUN "
by The Vince. May 26, 2010
8 3
to breastfeed while drunk.
Last night the baby slept all night after feeding on whiskey tits.
by Coleenah July 28, 2011
6 2
the dream of a baby, to have a mother whose tits dispense whiskey as opposed to the tradional milk. If evolution occuredthen for a lactose intollerant baby this would happen
the baby and the father are fighting over the mother's whiskey tits.
by the December 21, 2004
48 45
The act of filling 2 zip loc bags full of preferred whiskey, putting the bags into a double d bra, then strapping said bra to a smaller chested woman and concealing with a shirt. This is used to smuggle alcohol into large sporting venues that forbade such drinks.
They don't serve alchol in Tiger Stadium; but luckily ole gal keeps a set of whiskey tits so I get hammered for the whole game.
by Jachat November 22, 2013
1 0