Two Heavy Metal maniacs with a little country spin from Ft. Worth, Texas who drink more beer & jagermeister than most small countries.
Infamous for songs like Whiskeydick, Wookie Pussy, The 9 inch clitoris, and Blacktooth Grin.
Buddy #1: I feel like getting Drunk, Rowdy and totally jacked up tonight. What should we do?
Buddy #2: Let's go to a Whiskeydick show.

Both: HELL YEAH!!!
#wiskeydick #whiskey dick #fritz #johnson #jagermeister
by Riffsta February 22, 2007
The mental hard-on one recieves after launching a fully loaded AH-1W super cobra while sending it off with a "Have guns...Will Travel..." Salute.
Marine 1: " Hey Marine, did you see that sweet send off?"

Marine 2:" yeah man, that was motivating.

Marine 1:" I know, I got a case of the Whiskey Dick!
#marine #cobra #whiskey #guns #dick #funny #awesome #hmla-167
by WarriorLINE167 October 16, 2011
Term used when a man who has been drinking engages in sexual acts with a man or woman and can not get erect due to alcohol consumption. Often used as an excuse when a man has erectile dysfunction and is too embarrassed to admit it.
"Your pathetic Joe, you didnt even bang that chick and she was asking for it!" said Tim.

"Joe, i already told you, I had a horrible case of Whiskey Dick!" said Joe
#erectile dysfunction #hard-on #bonner #penis #sex
by BAwrestler12 July 01, 2011
When you've had too much to drink and can't get it up to do the dirty deed.
Person 1: "So did Krauss finally get some last night?"
Person 2: "Nope. He was so wasted that he got pretty bad whiskey dick and couldn't get it up."
#winning #whiskey #drunk. sex #flaccid #limp dick
by 5cbystander May 14, 2011
A units of length accepted throughout most countries and based on the length of the fabled dick of Whiskey Richards; especially : a unit equal to 17.5 million feet with each foot comprising 12 inches.
Man, I feel like I just ran a Whiskey Dick!

"Well, I could walk five hundred Whiskey Dicks and I could walk five hundred more..."

According to the map the treasure is located two Whiskey Dicks north of Dead Man's Swamp.
#dick #whiskey #swamp #pirate #treasure
by PiraticalScholar November 07, 2011
that rare occasion when your Dick gets just as shit faced and violent as you do after drinking wild turkey all night. most usually ends with burning the sheets.
Babe, your going to be walking a little bow legged for a few days. it just so happens I have a case of the Whiskey Dick.
#pounding #drilling #grudge #grudge fuck #violent
by rrevan November 25, 2011
When a guy cannot get a boner because of too much beer or alcohol..even if megan fox was in front of you naked..
GUY 1: Dude! megan fox offered to pay me a million dollars to fuck her...

GUY 2: Well shit you never need to work agian! :)

GUY 1: I had whiskey im broke
#booty #doggy #megan fox #boner #penis
by jacob ladders August 21, 2009
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