1 - A gentleman has too much to drink and has trouble getting an erection at the lady's request and instead just falls asleep.

2 - A gentleman drinks some, but not too much. The erection arrives to the lady's delight and lasts much longer than normal. If gentleman doesn't cum during the exchange its ok. Blue Balls don't exist for this situation.
1 - "That whiskey dick just passed out on top of me, what an asshole!"

2 - "That whiskey dick is lasting forever!! What a gentleman."
by leche cristo May 15, 2009
A condition where a man cannot get fully erect or stay fully erect because of alcohol intoxication. What makes Whiskey Dick different from other forms of erectile dysfunction is the extreme desire to keep trying to have sex and penetrate the vagina, even when the woman gets up and puts her clothes back on. The male will still dry hump and beg even when the penis is so limp it is like throwing a cocktail frank in a canyon.
Sara: Why won't you go out with Rob again?
Ella: Because he had Whiskey Dick and kept trying to dry hump me as I was leaving. It was so awkward.
by BombACat July 18, 2010
when you've had too much to drink and you can still fuck but it takes forever to cum
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
1 When you can't get it up cause you drank too much.

2 A totally cool saloon in So. Lake Tahoe, Whiskey Dicks!
1 "Dude, no more shots for me. I don't whant to get whiskeydick"!

2 " Dude, Let's hook up at Whiskey Dicks after riding today".
by jerjer October 01, 2005
When one is to drunk to get a hard-on, he has the whiskeydick.
I had the whiskeydick last night, therefore I did not get laid.
by Count Funkula June 01, 2003
That's the very crucial and embarassing part of the night when a guys dream could possibly be coming true but he didn't think he stood a chance so all night he drowned his sorrows on how he will never get with this girl only to have his dream come true but the amount of alcohol coursing thru his system is routing his blood every else other than where it is needed most...
Male A: "Yo bro, you hit that last night haha"
Male B: "Dude so I get back and she's all like let's fuck."
Male A: "Bullshit"
Male B: "Fuckin swear bro"
Male A: "So did you get laid or what?"
Male B: "Man you seen all them damn shots we took, I got fucking whiskey dick"
Male A,C,D,E,F: "Hahaha you homo she was so fine"
by The Only Matty D June 23, 2016
A state of erectile dysfunction (synonymous with Whiskey Clit), which is induced by a mass consumption of alcohol, usually forms of whiskey. It exists in three recognizable states, and can often have other degrees of effect depending on the individual.

Stage 1: Delayed Orgasm(s) (with sex/masturbation lasting hours.)

Stage 2: No Orgasm(s).

Stage 3: Erection Not Possible.
Dennis, suffering from whiskey dick, found it impossible to please Jane for the night.
by Spingo July 17, 2012
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