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the morning after effects of excessive intake of whiskey. This results in hershey squirts, diarrhea and and the occasional solid with an odor quite like the delicious beverage itself.

It is usually paired with the obnoxious and off pitch singing off random 80's pop singers.
Man I just had a serious case of Whiskey Butt.
by stinkysocks April 15, 2009
When you happen to sit in a small to medium sized puddle of whiskey, that has been spilled without knowing. Most likely in something thin enough to get through to your skin i.e boxers.
N: I sat in a puddle of whiskey.
A: Oh I guess you have whiskey butt
N: the hell is that?
A: You sat in a puddle of whiskey in your boxers.
by Russian Dude of Los Angeles August 15, 2010
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