An asshole with a 5 o'clock shadow.
My cock was rubbed raw on her whisker biscuit.
by yellowfincutthroat August 28, 2009
A brand name for an arrow rest used in archery.
For better accuracy I use Whisker Biscuit brand arrow rests on my bow.
by T December 17, 2003
A large clump of dust inside a computer tower. aka dust bunny
Man, you got a huge whisker biscuit inside your computer. Get the air compressor and blow that mother out.

Don't breathe in the whisker biscuit.
by WhiskerB October 31, 2007
A vulva that is so matted down with hair that it appears alarmingly similar to a brillo pad.
Cilantro drunkenly stumbled into Boo's bedroom and unwittingly fell face first into her face-down-ass-up whisker biscuit and suffocated into a coma that lasted 3 1/2 years. (names changed to protect the innocent)
by Justin Koehler May 11, 2005
One who has a very hairy vaginal area.
Whoa! You should of seen the whisker biscuit she had!
by Mike May 06, 2003
a lame mustache, especially that of Bryan Watford.
If we go to the Trophy Club, see if Whisker Biscuit can get us in for free.
by taddizzle November 24, 2007
Also known as dingleberry or assbugar. A small rolled up ball of toilet paper stuck or tangled in the hair of the butt crack. Alternatively it can be the dried up remains of a sexual encounter left in the pubic hair as a result of bad hygiene.
"That girl was so nasty! When I got her out of her panties all I saw were whisker biscuits!"
by papa Luig' June 19, 2007

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