A circular device filled with bristles with an open center added to a hunting bow to rest arrows on in order to stabilize aim and flight upon release.
The bow with a whisker biscuit shot a bulls eye every time.
by DigitalSignalX August 17, 2010
The Unshaved undercarriage of a Woman. Also known as the fur-pie. Sometimes eaten with jelly.
Yo baby baby! Come have a taste of my whiskerbiscuit!
by Juice November 20, 2003
The crusted residue left in ones facial hair after performing oral sex on their partner.
Tom: "Hey Jon, you've got something in your beard"

Jon: "Yea, I was muckin' Sally's barn earlier today and she left some whisker biscuits in there. I'm saving them for later"
by Free-Daddy Mac April 01, 2016
The act of one unleashing a meaty fart in their pet's face, causing said pet to relentlessly lick their whiskers in order to savor the flavor.
My cat grey licks his lips when he's about to receive a whisker biscuit, especially on taco night.
by Bobknob69 August 26, 2015
Term used to describe the female genitalia after menopause when the juices stop flowing and the fur becomes unmanageable.
Billy said Sally had a nice slice back in the day, but now it is a dried up whisker biscuit.
by Silly Bill February 10, 2010
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