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What old people, generally your grandparents, call "youngsters". The word is derived from the term "snapping your whip" which means getting a b0n3r. So basically your granddad is calling you a whipper snapper because you can get it up and he can't. The term has been used less frequently since the development of viagra
"You young whipper snappers!! Always sticking your business in places were it doesn't belong!"
by Matr1z December 03, 2004
someone under 15 years of age who doesn't take life too seriously, wants to have fun, chill out, be a kid - maybe play harmless pranks
Forget being an adult, I want to be a carefree whipper-snapper again.
by a whipper-snapper November 02, 2010
a young child that likes to beat elderly people with sticks
Jimmy!!, Stop hitting your Grandfather with that stick you little "Whipper-Snapper"
by MoonJuicer November 19, 2003
The act of inhaling a bong hit that consists of both Marijuana, and Nitrous Oxide. The "name" widely used as the alias for Nitrous Oxide, is Whippits. And the packing of a bong, with an amount meant for a single individual, is known as a Snapper. The combination of a cartridge of Nitrous, a Whippit, and a personal amount of marijuana, a Snapper, enjoyed together through a bong.
Hey man, I've got some herb over here, stop by the shop and pick up some Whippits, because you have got to try them together in a nitrous bong. We've been calling it taking a Whipper-Snapper.
by Cuddle1Puddle July 02, 2010
Two or more people, usually drunk or just retarted, standing on the side of the road, when they see a car coming towards them, and they freeze, like deer before headlights. Then they book it to the nearest bush and dive behind it for cover. If they don't make it all the way, they do that one crawl that those army peoples do in the army. Then they wait for the car to repsond/leave.
The two girls were standing on a corner, when one saw a car coming down the street. She froze, staring at it, then booking it to a bush 10 feet away. She dives under it as does the other girl. The car stops in front of the bush, sitting their idle. Then a voice comes from the car.
'We see you~!'
'You can't hide from us!'
'You damn whippersnappers!.. Go home!'
by Us damn Whippersnappers! D: July 12, 2009
1.(Adj.)Used by old ass biaatches to describe young punk ass beaatches. Usually heard around a game of Botchi Ball or Shuffle Board.
2.(Noun)Term used to describe a woman who likes to be smacked in the face with a shlong.

old man #1:I hate all those WHIPPER SNAPPERS in the mall. They always get in the way of my speed walking.
old man #2:Stop complaining and throw the damn Botchi ball.

Bob:Damn girl, you're a freak!
Lisa:You know I am, I love it!
Bob:Wipe your face.
by Dee Snuts September 18, 2003
a small sized blunt, at most 3 and a half inches long. the blunt also has to be fairly skinny or else it would be referred to as a cannon
Tyler- "Check out this ill whipper snapper"
Adrien Brody- "That thing looks like gary colemans penis."
by T Blunt September 02, 2009
The act of kicking someone in the back of the knee so they collapse and fall on their ass.
I gave little Johnny a Whipper Snapper and tore both his ACL's.
by KunzKar. June 03, 2010