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Other than honey, the best food that tastes better when it's on a woman's body.
Yo baby bring that thang over here so I can put some whipped cream on you.
by TenInchPlaya August 20, 2006
a substance that can get you what you want when you want
Use your imagination
by cyndy February 21, 2003
a boy puts whipped cream on a girls leg and then licks it off, or vice versa
Hey Anna, tomorrow, you, me, whipped cream.
by AnnoymousPeinguin May 31, 2010
When a man ejaculates onto a bodily surface, and begins rubbing vigorously the semen that has been dispersed onto the skin; Creating a fluffy white, "Whipped" Cream.
I just jizzed on her back, and made whipped cream by rubbing it really hard and fast.
by pewtypewter December 20, 2014
when a girl cums, and then the guy busts all kindzz of nutzz in her sugar walls. The mixture of the two cums is called whipped cream.
guy: Damn baby we sure made some great whipped cream last night ;)
girl: yeah we did... it felt amazing :)
by Dr. Feelgood69 December 22, 2012
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