A woman or man being completely 'in love' with their partner. They could be considered as being 'love struck' and would do anything for their companion
-Omg Josy you are whipped over Andy.
by Cray123byatch August 03, 2013
whipped is when a partner in a relationship is completely controlled by the other. it can lead to sleep talking. e.g calling out the partners name whilst dreaming about them
Goog called out to Aj whilst sleeping even though Aj left the night before. she is whipped
by 2145 AJ June 25, 2012
This term, known as Ray or Reese in New Zealand, is something that is feared by all men. The largest problem men have when it comes to being whippped is that they dont even know when they are.
You are whipped when
1: You have to consult your girlfriend before going anywhere
2: You go home when 'she'' is ready
3: You would rather watch a movie with her over going out with the boys because you are scared of the consequences
by alexrayray October 18, 2011
1. Noun. A reference to the "pussywhip". When the woman wears the pants of the relationship.

2. Noun. A relationship in which the girl has complete and utter control.
Jaime: "Will could you please wear a blue v-neck tomorrow, so we can match?"

Will: "okay even though i bitch at my friends for being whipped, I will wear a very silly, gay, v-neck to please you."

Will:"I'm going to the fair with my bros tonight."

Jaime:" IDK, i would be kinda lonely..."

Will: "okay. even though i havent had a brosesh in 2 months, i'll waste another night not doing anything with you. Im really sorry."
by NeshaminyNiggas April 25, 2011
doing whatever your girlfriend tells you to do.
Alex is a whipped little bitch.
by sicklyfe23 January 24, 2011
Captive in heart and mind to the point where thoughts are just poetry and jello when not standing near the object of affection.
I lay whipped,

my heart and mind gone off with you.

I fear they are never to return lest

I take to the grindstone and

make a place for you in my future.
by waldojones August 12, 2009
When a guy is so blinded by their pursuit of pussy or by the false belief that they are in love with the skag they're dating that they let said skag alter aspects of their lives and dominate their behavior. This type of person will typically end up alone after the skank has dumped him as his behavior will have caused all his true friends to hate him.

Being whipped includes but is not limited too..

Behaving like a total bitch
Ditching friends that they've known for years
Frequent sappy phonecalls
Ignoring the advice of said friends to dump said skag
Zach is so fucking whipped by Kaitlin..we've known him for years yet he'll ditch us to hangout with that slut..it's cool though, once she dumps him he'll be all alone.
by PhishPhan420 January 11, 2007

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