to have your significant other control you to the point of making food for them, feeding them, and possibly wiping their ass for them
"My name is Kevin Niemann, and I'm whipped because I just made my girlfriend a sandwich."
by SL8R32 May 18, 2010
being under total control of your girlfriend or boyfriend, example: kris. :)
kris is very very very very whipped.
by lexxxxxxx April 22, 2008
Taking 'whippeds' is inhaling the nitrous oxide (laughing gas) out of whipped cream cans to get high. The high usually lasts from 1-5 minutes.
Let's go to the grocery store and take whippeds before school.
by Lizabeth42 September 10, 2006
Being completely controlled by the other sex, unless gay. Also know as dickwhipped and pussywhipped. The whipped individual will do anything the whippee says in a moments notice.
"Dude, Rob, let's get ripped."
Later that night
"....ok baby ill see you soon"
"Rob are we gettin lit or what"
"Rachel said she wants to hang out i cant"
"Dude your whipped."
by Adr3na1ine January 07, 2008
When a guy is so blinded by their pursuit of pussy or by the false belief that they are in love with the skag they're dating that they let said skag alter aspects of their lives and dominate their behavior. This type of person will typically end up alone after the skank has dumped him as his behavior will have caused all his true friends to hate him.

Being whipped includes but is not limited too..

Behaving like a total bitch
Ditching friends that they've known for years
Frequent sappy phonecalls
Ignoring the advice of said friends to dump said skag
Zach is so fucking whipped by Kaitlin..we've known him for years yet he'll ditch us to hangout with that's cool though, once she dumps him he'll be all alone.
by PhishPhan420 January 11, 2007
when your boyfriend/girlfriend has such total control over you, that your not allowed to talk to your friends, family etc when you are with them. You will turn you phone onto silent as soon as you are with this person, but then go calling back people as soon as your boyfriend/girlfriend is not there, and are bored.
Alison is so whipped by Aaron, she has to put her phone on silent every time she is with him.
by heinie hole December 12, 2006
"Home boy is whipped, he can never leave the house without his old lady."
by x January 31, 2003

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