Being controlled completely by a woman and doing anything she asks when she asks.
Damn Jordan is whipped by Amanda he does anything she says!
by KorruptOne November 08, 2010
When one is in love with a person and would sooner jump off a bridge than say no to said person. While commonly used as negatively, as being "controlled" by one's partner or love, it can also be used in a positive fashion, to show one's love for another.
Dude, you're so whipped over him.

I know. I'd do anything for him.
by Whipped Over Kevin April 22, 2010
Being completely unable to defend against your partner's commands that you become slave-like.
Guy 1: "Where has Callum Buchan been for the last two weeks?"
Guy 2: "I don't know, probably chewing tables or with Leah"
Guy 1: "Ohhh yeah, i forgot he is whipped."
by SpunkBucket4Lyf October 05, 2011
a person who will do anything for the person they're going out with even if they talk shit to them
gf: kyle you bitch go get me some oreos

Kyle: yes because im very whipped to you and cause i love enrique iglesias
by helloitsmefromolchs February 01, 2011
When a guy is controlled by his girlfriend and he has to ask his girlfriend for permission to go out with his male friends or she just basically controls him with what he can and can't do
Mike:Can I go out tonight with the boys Lisa"?

Lisa:"As long as you text me every 20 minutes and are home by 930"

Mikes friends:"Haha Mike is so whipped by Lisa you know he has to ask her can he go out tonight with us and if she lets him out he has to be home early dude he's so whipped"

Lisa: "Your late I told you 930 it's 10pm no sex for you tonight or the next 3 months"

Mike:"It's not as if you have sex with me anymore anyway,I'm sorry baby I'll never go out again"
by Harry69 December 18, 2010
under complete control of his woman,ie coxy
by :D March 30, 2003
Being completely controlled by a woman to the point where you will do or say anything that she tells you to.
"Hey Tim, let's go to the mall!"
"I can't, I have to cook dinner and clean the house. Mommy's rules!"
"Your mom has you whipped, faggot."
by asdfjoadgjapijga January 18, 2009

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