A person who is totally dominated by his girlfriend to the point of being distracted. See also pussywhipped.
Tony Romo is totally whipped by Jessica Simpson.
by Piranha January 11, 2008
When someone listens to everything their BF/GF tells them to do and does everything they ask for with no questions asked.
In some cases they will leave their friends just to hang out with their BF/GF if they are asked to.
Guy #1: "I've gotta call Nicole and tell her that we're going to the block"
Guy #2: "Stop calling your girlfriend every minute of the day, your so fucking whipped!!"
by RIRL2 July 18, 2008
Somebody who is wrapped round there spouses finger. Under the thumb etc.
Jim Rose is one whipped muda fucka
by HanaFla February 02, 2009
The adjective given to a man who will do anything that makes a girl happy. Although he sometimes is given crap from his friends, the guy still feels the need to make the girl smile.
Andrew is whipped
by atlanta man January 12, 2010
A person who is constantly under control by their partner, doing and saying anything they are told as well as dogging their true friends for them. The female is usually the dominant one.
Eg, Peter is whipped by Anna
by THE_DRAKESTER December 04, 2009
someone that listens to every command like a little bitch
christian pereira is whipped by Stephanie truong. WHOOSH
by uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy November 01, 2006
Instead of going out and hanging with your friends on a Saturday night, you stay in and help organize your girlfriends shoe closet.
Jack: Hey, what did Skye do last night?
Bill: He helped organize Samantha's shoe closet. Talk about being whipped.
Jack: Jesus Christ...
by Baby Fark McGee-zaxx May 08, 2009

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