a 'type' of cocaine; really, cocaine hydrochloride processed into a free base for smoking (a.k.a., crack rock)
Shit, them two niggas coppin bricks or better
Hit the cellular, how u want it, whipped or regular?
- Cam'ron, 'Rush Rush Get the Yayo'
by E-Bomb June 27, 2006
When one takes a full bottle of whipped cream and completely empties the contents into one's own or someone else's anus or vagina.
I sure whipped Kristin yesterday.
by Bob Loblaw October 04, 2005
"pussy whipped"
why cant you come with us? oh yeah cuz your pussy whipped.
by sk September 08, 2003
doing whatever your girlfriend tells you and being completely controlled by her (especially if her name is natalie) to the point that your gay
Damn boy, that queer Kenny Kingston is so whipped.
by For Shizzle February 23, 2005
What tonio is...
Also see pussywhipped
Tonio is soo fucking whipped its not even funny.
by John March 23, 2004
To be off one's face on alcoholic beverages; to be thoroughly intoxicated; to be so drunk as unable to walk
Bradley was hell-whipped after drinking plenty of beer.
by Andrew M October 30, 2003
Not being able to ride your motorcycle on a bike run, but having to trailer it.
Damn, Ed is whipped!
by easy "trailer" March 10, 2005

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