How every real bitch should keep their nigga/man/dude/boyfriend's'

Making sure nothing is going down that shouldnt be, you can smoke with dudes and other niggas but he cant with females or his dudes and niggas with out you.

Being the man in the relatioship while he is the women.
Dude-"Hey baby"

Female-"what you want?"

Dude-"Oh I'm sorry baby!"

Female-"Pussy shut up get off my mother fuckin line like that shit!"

Dude-"Baby whhhh...y?"

Female-"Nigga im busy get of my phone line!"

Dude-"Baby I just wanted to ask you about your day."

Female-"Dammmn nigga you annoying."

*female pushes buttons in dude face and than hangs up the phone...*

*Dudes friend heard conversation all the way in another states and calls dude just to tell him hes a whipped flaw nigga*

by KellKellGotYouWhipped October 05, 2008
Not being able to do anything because you always with a girl and you think that you are goin to get pussy
Henry, you so whipped you will never get to fuck Katie
by Devon March 16, 2004
1. The act of controlling your boyfriend/girlfriend in almost everything they do. (I.e. generally being a nag, restricting activities.)
2. What idiotic guys say I do to my boyfriend, but is total horseshit.
1. Bf: "Honey, I'm gonna go watch a game with the guys."
Gf: "I don't think so. Stay here and just talk with me. We never talk anymore!"

2. Myles: "Jarred, you're so getting whipped by her."
Katie: 'Stfu Myles! For the sake of living!"
by YogurtRox January 21, 2009
when a dominant girl has a man do anything she desires of him. usually its because the guy is either trying to get some or he is just a pussy boy and loves to get dominated by girls.
man, ashley totally has got nick whipped. he does anything she tells him to do.
by unknown652973 August 05, 2005
being in complete control by your girlfriend. In most cases it even continues after the relationship ends. Its discrace to the male sex.
Justin is totally whipped by Erika.
by Kite Bomber April 12, 2005
A. being controlld by sum cunt

B. being a nigger slave and getting whipped by the slave master, when you dont pick enuff cotton
Wehn mr chandler gets whipped by sum mexican cunt that trys to control every fucking thing
by squill10 September 22, 2007
two young people who enjoy the company of one another and do anything they can to see eachother
He is whipped to his girlfriend
by Jerry Allen November 24, 2005
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