being in complete control by your girlfriend. In most cases it even continues after the relationship ends. Its discrace to the male sex.
Justin is totally whipped by Erika.
by Kite Bomber April 12, 2005
A. being controlld by sum cunt

B. being a nigger slave and getting whipped by the slave master, when you dont pick enuff cotton
Wehn mr chandler gets whipped by sum mexican cunt that trys to control every fucking thing
by squill10 September 22, 2007
two young people who enjoy the company of one another and do anything they can to see eachother
He is whipped to his girlfriend
by Jerry Allen November 24, 2005
A man who spends time with a significant other engaging in any non-sex-related activity. Otherwise known as a "two-way relationship". Utterly pathetic.
In order to avoid being whipped, simply break up with any woman who asks you to do something that is unlikely to result in fucking, such as household chores or conversation. Under no circumstances should a man ever propose marriage.
by Sensative new-age guy March 03, 2007
When i guy goes after stale pussy again and again no good apartent reason or gives into the every dmand of a women.
He is so whipped even after she tried to get with his best friend and talked all that shit he went crawling back to her when she should have been crawling back to him and he gave up drinking! He is so whipped!
by bill September 22, 2004
a 'type' of cocaine; really, cocaine hydrochloride processed into a free base for smoking (a.k.a., crack rock)
Shit, them two niggas coppin bricks or better
Hit the cellular, how u want it, whipped or regular?
- Cam'ron, 'Rush Rush Get the Yayo'
by E-Bomb June 27, 2006
When one takes a full bottle of whipped cream and completely empties the contents into one's own or someone else's anus or vagina.
I sure whipped Kristin yesterday.
by Bob Loblaw October 04, 2005

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