The only true meaning of whipped or "pussy" whipped is Kevin Haynes.

Unlike skye, Kevin is easily whipped and thrives off of bossy significant others.
by spectacularopinion69 March 08, 2009
Being completely and entirely controlled (usually)by one's girlfriend.
" Wow did you see that kid they call Mikey Eyeballz today"
"Yeah he's so whipped he will do anything that Dana tells him to do"
by Whizzizite Silk February 06, 2008
See Avio Brooklyn.
A royal douche, a completely emasculated man who hangs on the every word and follows every whim of his "girlfriend", more accurately called here "mistress", or even "master".
Did you hear about Avio Brooklyn doing whatever his girlfriend wants?!

Sure did, he's WHIPPED! What a royal douche
by Bumpus Jones December 14, 2007
Wanting to have complete control over your partners life. Usually Women whip their partners but you still get the odd rare case where its the Males who are doing the Whipping.
Shaun King.
by Ganjiman March 16, 2004
When some random broad thinks she has control of you.
Bro, she thinks she has me whipped, no way.
by 12345 hey November 13, 2011
When a person is completely and utterly whipped by one/or more people. It is to be on a short lead ready to do whatever and whenever she wants. They are completely dominated and at the complete mercy of their girlfriend that there really isn't much man left in them anymore. Common slang words associated with Whipped - little bitch, dutch pussy, sexual slave. Usually people with this type of problem have extremely small penises or are virgins.
Man one: "Ollie is such a whipped bitch and needs to grow a sack"
Man two: "I know where is Kat's little pet?"
by Paul Mellor May 16, 2011
when a guy turns down his friends for his girlfriend and will do absolutely anything she tells him
Colby is so whipped by courtney its not even funny
by mixmaster jkh January 01, 2011

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